content warnings: brief references to suicide, violence, violent death, war, discussions of Roman sexism + gender roles
feel free to look up the book and line numbers for the poetry, you can find translations on sites like

Nisus and Euryalus love each other, and never stop loving each other…

tw: racism, use of racial slurs by the author, colonialism

This paper received a B-, specifically for being a biased critique!

Asian Slaves in Colonial Mexico: From Chinos to Indians concerns itself with a period of about a century and a half, from the early 16th century to the late…

Red Image of a black pig with a superimposed bee.
“The Ink” by Antigone

Content Warnings: The Ink is a novel about an incestuous, rapist, necrophilic, pedophilic, misogynist serial killer, who is also portrayed in an extremely fatphobic, anti-kink and ableist manner. This review contains discussions of child sexual abuse, sexual abuse, whorephobia, Christianity, kinkphobia, fatphobia, inaccurate portrayals of dissociative identity disorder, sexism, sibling…

Lucas Feratu

I am, fundamentally, yet another pseudonym of the internet denizen @ftmshepard. I have many names because I cannot escape my legal one. Behold my works.

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